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Beard whitening tips:

Heavily borrowed from the website of respected breeder and dog show judge, Ms. Edy Dykstra-Blum - Bizzeeboots OES

 Note: There is no substitute for frequent washing and drying. I like the 2nd "cure" on the list below, but it needs to be done daily. None of the shampoos works miracles. Bleach/peroxide are damaging to hair and irritating to skin. Once the beard is stained the only thing that truly works is to shave the dog down and resolve to stay on top of it better next time as the hair grows in.

Or you can just expect the beard to be brown and love the dog anyway!

1. Milk of Magnesia and Hydrogen Peroxide in a 50/50 solution. Add cornstarch to thicken to paste. Apply liberally, work well into coat, allow to dry completely, brush out.

5. Metal X shampoo made by Clairol, which is available from a beauty supply store, be careful not to get in dogs eyes, leave in for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. May need some more applications


2. Ivory Dishwashing liquid, Glycerine and White vinegar. 1:1:1.

Work small amounts into discoloured coat, let sit for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly, multiple applications make the difference.

6. 5oz Glycerine Gel
5oz Ivory Snow Dishwashing liquid
5oz Shimmering Lights
Mix with water in 1 gal. bottle, until 3/4 full. Use as shampoo

3.Shimmering Lights, also by Clairol, be careful with porous coat as this will leave a purple glow.

4. Massengill powdered douche mixed and left on yellow stains.

7. Woolite full strength, let sit a few minutes before rinsing-- takes a few times to see results.


8. As a last resort:

Cream peroxide 30 volume, stage 7 bleach and 2 applicators (all available at the beauty supply store). Apply to stained areas and leave in for 30 minutes. Be careful not to touch the skin as this may burn, rinse with COOL water and apply conditioner to close the pores of the coat to prevent breakage and re-staining.

9. SHAMPOOS that purport to help make whites appear more white include:

All Systems whitening shampoo; White on White; Bio Groom Super white; Plum White by Kelco; and Kote Glo and Self Rinse Plus, both waterless shampoos.


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