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The following is agreed between the Breeder/Seller, SANDRA CROWNE & DINKO CVITANOVIC and the Purchaser, ***********, with regard to the purchase of the Old English Sheepdog female/male puppy, whelped on 06 December, 2005, and identified by the microchip #

1.      The purchase price of the puppy is $ ********* (inclusive of applicable taxes) of which $500.00 is non-refundable

2.     The purchase date is *********

3.      The seller is responsible for payment of applicable fees for change of ownership on this dog’s Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registration and will provide the purchaser with the dog’s registration papers within the requisite six months of the purchase date.

4.      Because the seller recommends that the purchaser take out health insurance on the dog, they (the sellers) will not be responsible for the dog’s veterinary fees incurred after the purchase date.

5.      The seller promises that:

5.a.   The litter from which this puppy comes is the result of a responsible breeding between a sire and a dam that are each CKC Champions of record, and have hips certified free of dysplasia and eyes certified free of heritable diseases or abnormalities

5.b.   The dog has been examined by a veterinarian and found to be in general good health, has received appropriate vaccinations for its age, and has been properly dewormed according to veterinary recommendations. Healthcare has been provided by MITCHELL ANIMAL  HOSPITAL Kitchener (tel: (519) 743-1322) where she was originally identified as “******”

5.c.   If this dog shows radiological signs of hip dysplasia (as judged by OVC) within 24 months of birth, the seller will refund to the purchaser the sum of  $500.00 provided that the dog has been spayed/neutered and has never been allowed to become obese.

5.d.   If, before its second birthday, this dog suffers unavoidable loss of life as a direct result of any disorder that the Seller’s and Purchaser’s Veterinarians agree is inherited, the seller will refund $ ******* (or $ ***** if there has already been a refund of $500.00 under the clause 5.c.) to the purchaser or provide a suitable replacement dog if and when one becomes available

6.     The purchaser promises to:

6.a.   Care to the best of his/her ability for the puppy’s physical and emotional health in consultation with the licensed veterinarian(s) of his/her choice

6.b.   Continue to the best of her ability the socialization and training of the puppy such that the dog has its best chance of becoming a good canine citizen

6.c.   Keep the dog’s coat in matt-free condition to the best of her ability and if necessary employ the services of a groomer

6.d.   Never breed the dog, and have her spayed before *************

6.e.   Keep the breeder apprised of any health problems that the dog may develop in order that the breeder may make informed decisions regarding future use of her breeding stock

6.f.    Contact the breeder at least annually to report on the dog’s progress

6.g.   Return the dog to the breeder at no cost to the breeder if for any reason the dog cannot continue to reside with the purchaser, or rehome the dog only to new owners of whom the breeders are aware and approve.



Signed at ________________________on the____day of_____________, 2007